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The Adventures of Sir Edric

Thaddeus White

Sir Edric.png

Sir Edric is a guy who’s either hated or loved by those around him. See typically, a person would behave a certain way because they want to influence the feelings of another. Or to put it another way, when they want someone to like or dislike them, they act accordingly. I think that’s called empathy. Sir Edric doesn’t care about any to any of that.  If empathy and scruples were sand, Sir Edric would have enough of each combined to have around two grains of sand.

What Sir Edric cares about is Sir Edric. It was mentioned earlier that people love him or hate him. Well, that really depends how they may benefit or loose when he’s trying to accomplish his own goals. And when I say “goals”, I mean drinking and whoring.


If that all sounds vulgar yet funny, it is. And that’s exactly what The Adventures of Sir Edric is all about. Sir Edric himself is a bit of has-been who many years ago gained renown for his deeds in the Battle of Hornska. While he would rather spend his days drinking and stumbling through brothels, he’s suddenly called upon by his king. His mission: travel to a place called the “Unholy Temple of Despair and Certain Doom” to retrieve some artifacts. He travels with his servant, Dog. Despite the name, he is actually a person who is either named Dog or Edric just calls him that. Think of Dog as a servant with the personality and loyalty of Alfred, but the fighting ability of Batman (the guy has some moves).


The story had me chuckling from beginning to end. Edric is not a hero, a villain, or even an anti-hero. He’s just a guy who does what he can to stay alive and preferably rich. But you can’t help but like him as deplorable as he is. The humor of the book was reminiscent of Curse of Monkey Island, only more violent and if Guybrush was repeatedly trying to get in some wenches pants.  Highly recommended if you’re looking for something that’s both funny and doesn’t take itself too seriously. If at all.Find the Kindle and hardcover editions of The Adventures of Sir Edric here at

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