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R.L. Henry


Hybrid opens with a conversation between a being from an ancient race and a CIA agent. What we later learn to be called an Observer, it explains to Agent Van that the love of his life is actually a hybrid of human and alien origin. The prologue hints that this will be alien conspiracy/action story. And I was more than OK with that.


The setting is akin to Men in Black in that the government is aware of aliens living amongst humans. The difference being that unlike Men in Black’s stance of first contact being in the fifties, Hybrid introduces that aliens have been here shortly after the creation of Earth. Since then, opposing alien forces have been manipulating events to achieve their goals.


Van is a CIA agent who studies these races, and the story begins with his assignment to Pine Gap, a former alien dwelling turned research facility for the government. Right away I found myself liking the chemistry between Agent Van and Doc, this sort of easy going hippy type. Van soon meets Annika and it’s the storybook love at first site. Contrary to my previous context of action and aliens, this is a good thing.  The relationship that blossoms between Van and Annika fits nicely into the overall story.


At about the 30% mark, all hell breaks loose. Van and his team are thrust into a network of caves deep within the earth where I could all but feel the claustrophobia the characters experience. And that’s the good news. The team encounters various types of hostile aliens, a possible traitor, and one hardcore ally.

There were times where Hybrid reminded me of ALIENS, which is again fine since ALIENS is one of my top five movies. The style reminded me of TIC Online as it was heavy in science fiction/action coming from a writer with a military background.

At the end , I would say that Hybrid had wonderfully new ideas, crazy unexpected twists,  and  great action to keep the reader going.

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