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Explorations Through the Wormohole


It’s 2052 and the first known wormhole appears in lunar orbit. Earth sends a ship to investigate and the future of space travel changes forever. The Solar System develops in many ways over the centuries, but one thing remains constant: the wormholes continue to appear.

Here is a summary of my entry, Here, Then, Forever:

Travel to the edge of the solar system is now possible in months instead of years.  The wormhole that came to be named Khonsu allowed instantaneous travel to Neptune. In the years that passed, a space station was built to orbit Triton, the blue planet’s furthest moon. A routine flight through the portal met with disaster when it never emerged from the other side. When it was found that Khonsu had suffered from a drop in the exotic matter to keep it stable, Aliza Navarro volunteered to pilot the Lago, a ship carrying an experimental missile in an attempt to repair it. She will be the first to travel through Khonsu since the accident, unknowing as to where it may lead.

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