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Burning World

Berkley Hinton

burning world.jpg

The year is 2050 and Sun City, the shining jewel of the Pacific State, is reeling from a horrific terrorist attack. Capitalizing on its vulnerability, criminal cartels have rooted themselves deep in the city's seven sections. As a unit of ill-prepared agents tasked with defending the Pacific State begins to realize its paper tiger status, a battalion of soldiers rebelling against an authoritarian regime seeks to even the playing field—even if the collateral damage is world-ending.

A young man dogged by the shadow of a brother who raised him. A brilliant data scientist addicted to immersed reality. A rehabilitated yakuza in search of redemption and his estranged wife. A headstrong former cop caught between two lives that can never be one. Can this dysfunctional unit learn to work together in time to stop a military coup? Or will Sun City's future go down in flames?

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